Intelligent Movement

Who we are ...

Automation Dynamics holds multiple patents on automation equipment designed to eliminate bottlenecks in commercial laundries.

When you have a bottleneck in your plant that needs an automation solution, the engineering team at Automation Dynamics will work with you to design and build a solution to solve your problem.

Innovation through intelligent movement is Automation Dynamics' competitive advantage. Together with you and your engineering staff, Automation Dynamics will increase your plant throughput from your soil room to your pack out, while at the same time giving you the accountability you deserve and need.

Our Goals
We have learned the only way to reach our corporate goals, is by first helping other corporations reach theirs. Therefore, our number one goal is to help our customer reach their goals. To produce the desired results for our customers, by providing quality, in both products and support.

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How we do it ...

Automation Dynamics begins by conducting a feasibility study reviewing your plant from 360 degrees in the areas where the issue are located. Based on the results of the study of your plant compared with more than 250 complete installs Automation Dynamics (AD) has created over the last 20 years, AD's engineers design a unique solution for you.

Brands: Bullet Sort and Count Systems. Weigh Sort Systems, The 5000 Tunnel Cart Wash, The Hurricane 1500 Tunnel Cart Wash, Dynamic Air Filter, The Plastic Eater, The Expeditor, Two Cart Cart Dumpers, and Light Frame Count products and systems.

What we do...

Automation Dynamics offers material handling systems both by rail and pneumatics for use in transporting goods throughout commercial laundry facilities . We design sorting, counting and weighing equipment for all types of plants. We use Rail, Cart-Dumpers, conveyors, motors, fans, and other components from our trusted vendors and sub-contractors to custom design a solution to suit your plant's specific needs.

For the last 20 years, Automation Dynamics has been designing Intelligent Movement™ systems. We specialize in developing soil sorting and counting systems, a variety of tunnel and free standing cart washes, Dynamic area air filters, plastic conveying and recycling, unique conveyors systems, weighing sort systems and RFID equipment.

Our Primary Management Philosophy
To concentrate on the net results and complete our job on time and in budget. To become recognized as the most quality-conscious and dynamic automation systems integrator in our market as judged by our products and support.